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The great change or correction of the world is upon us. Many are aware of this and yet most of us are still completely dependant upon the current system - a system which is visibly coming apart all around us. We were led to believe that our system was invincible and that we could rely on it forever. But now most of us are seeing, feeling and thinking that we have been lied to and that our system is on the verge of collapse.


So what do we do now? Many think this is a time to draw out as many material goods as possible from our dying system and store them away for the future, in an attempt to ride out whatever upheavals await us. This approach is perhaps part of the solution but it only addresses the most superficial aspects of our dilemma. The deeper solution is that we have to adjust ourselves. We have to change who we are and modify how we approach our existence in order to adjust to the new world in the making.


Our dependence on our current system leads us to falsely believe that the entire world is ending. This is simply not the case. Our world, the world of humans, is just going to go through a rigorous period of correction and transition. The transition will be tough on many of us and this will probably be the case for a few generations, but we will eventually adapt. As we come out of the other end of this transition, the human being will have learned, grown and evolved into a more complete being living in a much more natural and harmonious way with self, the planet and the fellow beings that inhabit it.


The truth is that most of us are not really happy with the current system anyway. Most Americans suffer from at least one diagnosable psychological disorder as well as many stress related physical symptoms. Most people are unhappy with their jobs, their relationships and various other aspects of their lives. With each successive generation, we have become less and less capable of meeting our own needs. We have lost or thrown away skill after vital skill choosing, instead, to lapse into becoming more and more dependant upon a system that does not pull out the best in us.


So why not begin to make the necessary adjustments right now? We can all begin living right now the way future generations will live. We can begin to retrain ourselves right now by activating dormant skills and character qualities that are the best that the human being has to offer. It is our goal here at Enough is Enough! Counseling to encourage you and support you toward that end.


Those of us who survive this transition and contribute to creating a new world will have to change and evolve, often rapidly. We will have to orient ourselves differently. We will have to change how we relate to the world and each other. We will have to modify our goals and intentions as well as re-examine what we expect to get out of life.


My wife and I are often asked how we made the transition from living in urban and suburban settings to creating our cottage farm in the mountains. Many people tell us that they too would like to live a more agrarian lifestyle but they just can't find their way out of the trap that is our consumer-based culture. With so much debt and so many apparent needs, how can they buy their place in the country and actually afford to live there? Other people do have the means but just can't figure out how to take that first concrete step towards greater independence. With so much inner conditioning towards and, how can they effectively go within to find their way?


For all of these people and more, we are offering Enough is Enough! Counseling in order to share the same system we used to make this transition for our family. It is not intended to create a fast transition nor is it a system we consider to be final or finalized. Rather It is intended as the beginning of a movement which we are all developing together over time. It is one which we have full faith will be backed by Nature over the long haul. In truth, it make take several generations or even more for us to return to a truly more natural way of living but by us taking these first few steps, we are laying the foundation for future generations to complete this work.


In the spring of 2002, I started writing an alternative counseling workbook on transforming abuse and creating a natural living plan. For years before I had worked as a counselor in the field of abuse during which time I came to realize that our current system actually cultivates abuse on many levels. Our consumer-based system is not designed to support us in living the natural lives we are designed to live. Rather the system uses bribes, threats and force to induce and control us into remaining trapped in a way of life that does not serve us at all. So I set out to create a counseling system that would help people transform the abusive training we have all received into the ability to create natural living plans aimed at living the contented, restful, goal/soul driven lives we are designed to live.


Eventually this counseling program had three major parts. Part One was series of exercises and methods for people to transform abuse. Part Two was a goal setting system to transform that abuse and cut a trail to Part Three of the system which was about creating a natural life. So I wrote the workbook, made up power point presentations, designed some counseling groups and a framework for individual counseling sessions. I finally opened my own counseling business only to find that it stalled on various levels.


As it turned out there was a flaw in my set-up and that was I had a lot to learn about what living naturally really could mean. My family and I had had only one kind of extended living experience and that was the experience of living in our consumer-based culture. I had never experienced living in a natural way.


One day my wife and I were walking in our backyard and talking about the counseling system. I suddenly realized that my wife really did not know exactly how my counseling system worked. That sort of shocked me because she knew pretty much everything I knew and she had helped me to create the system in all ways. It was then that I realized that our family had to genuinely use this system first to see if it actually worked and to understand it thoroughly. Theory is great but what about practice? What about results?


My wife, Leslie, suffered cruel childhood abuse. She was sexually abused by her father and emotionally and physically abused by her mother. Because of who she is Leslie had already made remarkable strides in coping with this childhood trauma but there were still many resulting negative patterns within her that held her back. I had also been negatively affected by the abusive nature of our "winner take all" approach to modern American life. We ourselves still had a long way to go. So that day on our walk I turned to Leslie and said, "We need to really go through this system ourselves." From that point, everything in our lives changed.


At the time I was in no hurry to begin an agrarian based cottage farming lifestyle. Starting at the age of 14 when I worked summers picking tobacco, I have worked labor intensive jobs of janitor, truck driver, retail worker, landscaper, waiter and in the milieu as a counselor at treatment centers among other jobs. After getting married, having four children in six years, getting my Master's degree in Counseling and moving ten times in eight years from all corners of the country, I was more than ready to work with my mind. My wife and I had talked about eventually homesteading but in my mind that was far off. I wanted to get my counseling business going first and then after earning the material resources we needed to move to the country, start our cottage farm. But that's not how it all worked out.


Once we started going through the counseling program, our cottage farming lifestyle just opened up before us. I was very resistant at first. As a matter of fact, on one occasion I tried to put the brakes on by telling my wife that I just didn't feel that I was physically up to the intensive labor that was needed to start our cottage farm. My protests meant nothing, however, as with each portion of the counseling program we worked through a new element of our cottage farm came seemingly spontaneously into existence. Finally my family and I were getting a taste of what it was like to live natural lives.


As our cottage farming life thrived, my counseling business withered and died. I took down my website and packed away my counseling materials. By that point we were full time homesteaders and were just beginning to homeschool our children full time. We had more than enough work to do so the energy just went out of our counseling business. I began to believe that the counseling system was designed just for us to make the transition to living more simple and natural lives ourselves. For the past four years I just left the counseling business behind me without much thought of revisiting it.


However, the world began to change. Back in 2003 when my family embarked on a journey back to more a natural lifestyle, the changes we made were based upon choice and conviction. All around us the consumer-based system was apparently still strong and people were content to continue allowing it to dictate their lives. Then things began to shift. The system started to show cracks and flaws (which have recently become something more like chasms and profound dysfunction). People began to feel more and more dissatisfied with their lives. Now there was a growing sense of fear and restlessness. Many are wondering if (or when) the system is going to collapse altogether. These trends are accelerating. My wife and I now have believe that living naturally is no longer a choice but will be a mandatory requirement for the survival of our species.


I realize now that I have something to offer people which they desperately need. I have a system for helping people make their transition from our current dying system to the more natural system we all have to eventually return to. I know this system works because my family and I have lived it and benefited from it enormously. It is not a theory or an idea but an actual system that can be practically applied so that you can change yourself and your lifestyle. You can make the adjustments to yourself and your life based upon the demand of the times. The system does not exist with an attitude of "well our lives were great and we were great but now we have to change." The idea behind this system is that we have all been suffering for so many years but now we have the opportunity to return to living in the way we were designed to live.


Enough is Enough! Counseling Services is here to help people make the transition towards living more simple, natural, balanced, contented lives. Our current consumer based system does not bring out the best in people. Our system caters to our weaknesses which creates dependency, addictions, depression, selfishness and entitlement. We all suffer because of this. Because we have been weakened by our system it is difficult for us to transition back to a more rigorous lifestyle. This is why Enough is Enough Counseling exists to help people make the adjustments necessary to live more natural and simple lives.


As I have said this type of journey is personal to myself and my family. My wife and I came together 12 years ago Leslie and I both believe strongly that our current social and economic system was not the best system to raise our children in. In the year 2002 my family and I were living in a 2 bedroom, cockroach infested apartment and I was working as a clinician at a treatment center for adolescent sex offenders. The facility itself was abusive as it used and exploited both its clients and employees. The job was exceedingly stressful and I felt I was having limited if any positive effect on my clients and society. One day while driving home I realized that my job was having a very negative affect on me and I was doing very little to contribute to society. If anything I was enabling a dysfunctional system to abuse and exploit others. I also realized that because I spent most of my time either working or recovering from work, I was not being there for my own family who I could in fact help. Suddenly, a strong feeling arose in the depths of my heart and I said to myself "Enough is enough!"


I came home and my wife and I had a long talk about our family's future. My wife had long researched the cottage farming lifestyle and we had a loose plan to eventually move to the country and try our hand at the agrarian way of life. However, we were living paycheck to paycheck and really had less then we needed just to even survive. On the path that we were on, owning land and moving to the country was not a realistic goal. My kids were rapidly growing up and time was passing us all by. There were times we would drive out to the country and through local farm land and as we turned around to come home my three year old daughter would wail in agony. She seldom cried so this was very painful for both my wife and myself to hear. Especially as we were both wailing along with her internally. So we decided just to pack up and move from Massachusetts to Virginia.


Once in Virginia I struggled finding employment but after a spiritual experience, I set to work on a transforming abuse and creating a natural living plan counseling program. As I have said earlier one day it dawned on my wife and me that we ourselves had to go through the program as we were both negatively effected by the system. My wife worked through the program working to transform her own abuse while we worked together at setting goals and working towards creating a more natural lifestyle. Much to our surprise, Leslie experienced an almost miraculous resolution to aspects of her childhood abuse by her parents which opened up a flood of resources and opportunities that became our now cottage farm.


This process all went in stages but almost immediately following a major internal shift of her experience with abuse, our cottage farming life began. We bought the 4 acre home we were renting and turned it into our first cottage farm complete with straw bale barns, a Border Collie, 3 Nigerian Dwarf Goats, 4 Dutch-belted Cows and 12 free ranging hens. After building that homestead we moved from central Virginia to the more rural farm friendly southwestern Virginia area deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains where we have continued to grow into our roles of cottage farmers. With each layer we shed of our past habits related to the oppressive and addictive nature of our consumer based system, we find a new opportunity and experience opens up for us to go farther down the path of natural living. We have become less and less dependant on the old consumer based system and more inner-dependant on the divinity within us.


In April of 2007 my wife and I developed the Pockets of the Future project as a way to share our research and experiences about how returning to a cottage farming lifestyle has positively effected every member of our family. We have of course been aware of the disturbing developments of the current consumer based system and how it appears that it looks like it is coming to an end. We are finding more and more people are wanting to shed the shackles of this heavy system and return to a simpler more natural way of life. So we are now offering the same inexpensive counseling program that we ourselves used to break free from the system and begin building our family's natural lives. All of this happened after we first said, "Enough is enough!"


Please look through our website and if you feel that you would like to make and appointment for a counseling session or you have made an appointment and would like to pay for it please click this link.





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